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Workshops with Heather Clayton Staker

Inspiring growth for professional educators

In-person events to energize and equip teachers, leaders, and coaches

Heather Staker presenting in China

A day of learning, paradigm change, and recharging after the long pandemic

Heather Staker and educators with a beach ball

Even if . . .

. . . you only have one day for professional development.

. . . your teachers have varying appetites for innovation, technology, and change.

. . . school leaders can only attend part of the day, or none at all.

. . . staff feel worn out after an especially tough few years of pandemic struggles.

Durell Hamm

Durell "Butch" Hamm
2010 Kentucky Teacher of the Year
Boone County Schools
Boone, Kentucky

Blending online lessons into my lesson plans has transformed my ability to engage my students.

Melanie Hackett

Melanie Hackett
Curriculum & Professional
Development Facilitator
South Bend Community School Corporation

My teachers have more time to connect with their students and reach them where they are.

Reid Newey

Reid Newey
Davis School District
Farmington, Utah


I believe that children benefit from more agency and choice.

Heather Clayton Staker has helped over 30,000 educators on 5 continents become first-rate innovators.

Heather Clayton Staker headshot

This season's featured workshop:

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A one-day workshop for busy classroom teachers to reenergize themselves and refresh their practice using the latest instructional innovations.


Teachers who implement the strategies in this workshop can expect measurable results.

  1. Improved teacher-student relationships, with teachers knowing how to free up their time to coach for each student individually.

  2. Improved peer-to-peer collaboration, with students working together in positive ways to self-direct their learning.

  3. Increase in students experiencing daily progress toward goals, without as much time feeling bored or frustrated.


These results will lead to improved academic achievement and student and teacher satisfaction.


Heather Clayton Staker facilitates an experience that includes several supports for teachers.

  1. Immersion in a blended setting using a learning-management system (Agilix Buzz) and other online apps to deepen teachers’ perspective on what blended learning feels like from their students’ perspective

  2. Seven modules that help teachers develop their ability to design and implement a student experience that includes online and in-person modalities

  3. Access to a growing community to help teachers work together

  4. Group discussion to share lessons learned


Teachers will leave with one custom Flipped Classroom, Station Rotation, or Flex/Blended Learning Arc lesson.

Executive Summary

Download the PDF of the Teacher Boost 2.0 Executive Summary.

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