Virtual events can be simple, 

powerful, and fun!

Is your team confused about how to implement student-centered solutions?

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The power of Heather's virtual sessions is that she immerses educators in a fun, step-by-step, high-energy process for designing higher performing, happier classrooms, whether in fully online or blended settings.


Adults who learn these principles never want to return to the old way again.

​Heather works with her clients to customize live online events to participants' needs. In each session, participants have the opportunity to:

  • Develop their mindsets for growth, entrepreneurialism, teaming, and creativity so that they are ready to lead the way for their students and school.

  • Learn how to free up their time and focus on the student experiences and connections that matter most.

  • Lead engaging Socratic discussions, whether in face-to-face or virtual settings.

  • Improve their ability to build relationships of trust and give feedback, two of the highest-impact skills for great coaching.

  • Develop strategies to help their students—and themselves—drive their own learning and hold themselves accountable.


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Helping you create inspiring learning environments at school and home that improve the achievement and well-being of children.



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