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A reliable package of modules you can customize for your staff and use whenever they need a boost

You'd like to host ongoing events to prepare teachers for the future, including by helping them recover from COVID-19 interruptions and by equipping them with new tools so they can be the most effective, successful instructors possible.

Bringing in outside trainers gets expensive and inconvenient. You need your own in-house professional development expertise.

We want to lead our own professional development in blended learning. We are trying to build internal capacity to use technology to become truly student centered. I need a simple program for my staff that will get RESULTS.

Ready to Blend facilitator presenting

As a Ready to Blend facilitator, you can lead your staff to help them teach as never before. 

With your expertise, you can give your staff:

  • First-hand experience with Flipped Classroom, Station Rotation, Flex, Socratic discussion, project-based learning, and several other innovative models

  • Deep understanding of how student-centered learning feels from the students' point of view

  • Time to create one complete lesson plan using the Flipped Classroom, Flex, or Station Rotation model

  • New energy and confidence in their ability to innovate, even in challenging times

What people say

Coach in Little Rock, Arkansas

By far, one of the best professional development programs I've ever learned to lead. The different models of learning are a wonderful way to ensure participant engagement.

Leader in Madison, Wisconsin

If we are serious about transforming education to truly empower learners, we need a common language and platform to build. Ready to Blend's workshops provide this for teams.

Teacher in San Jose, California

I have been implementing blended learning at our school already, but your training helped me take things to a higher level. I loved it. WELL DONE AND THANK YOU.

Pricing and packages

Teacher at round tables in a Ready to Blend workshop

Download the Spring 2023 Brochure for updated pricing and packages.

Current workshop available for facilitator certification

Teacher Boost logo

A one-day workshop for busy classroom teachers to reenergize themselves and refresh their practice using the latest instructional innovations.


Teachers who implement the strategies in this workshop can expect measurable results.

  1. Improved teacher-student relationships, with teachers knowing how to free up their time to coach for each student individually.

  2. Improved peer-to-peer collaboration, with students working together in positive ways to self-direct their learning.

  3. Increase in students experiencing daily progress toward goals, without as much time feeling bored or frustrated.


These results will lead to improved academic achievement and student and teacher satisfaction.


Heather Clayton Staker facilitates an experience that includes several supports for teachers.

  1. Immersion in a blended setting using a learning-management system (Agilix Buzz) and other online apps to deepen teachers’ perspective on what blended learning feels like from their students’ perspective

  2. Seven modules that help teachers develop their ability to design and implement a student experience that includes online and in-person modalities

  3. Access to a growing community to help teachers work together

  4. Group discussion to share lessons learned


Teachers will leave with one custom Flipped Classroom, Station Rotation, or Flex/Blended Learning Arc lesson.

Executive Summary

Download the PDF of the Teacher Boost 2.0 Executive Summary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you certify facilitators?

Many schools want their own in-house expertise, rather than having to fly in expensive outside trainers. Ready to Blend's Facilitator Certification program equips you to conduct your own PD in blended learning. You'll leave with online modules, agenda, materials, slides, and scripts to lead your own blended learning PD to your teachers and leaders.

Who should certify to facilitate?

Each organization should make its own choice about whom to select. Successful facilitators are good at:

  1. Preparing and organizing

  2. Following directions

  3. Using technology

  4. Fostering curiosity and excitement

  5. Ushering a crowd

  6. Talking less

  7. Taking and using feedback

  8. Upholding the Honor Code

How long do certifications last?

Your certification lasts for four years.

How difficult is it to certify?

Certification is fun! We are a supportive, growth-mindset group and you will be successful. One of the biggest benefits of certification is you get to join our network of 150+ other facilitators worldwide. We commit to supporting each other long term.


"I am so ready to transform my classroom! I will definitely use all of my new inherited knowledge to benefit my students!"

Crestwood, Kentucky

"I am fired up and excited about teaching my teachers about the benefits of blended learning and how implementation will support student learning and teacher sustainability."

Crestwood, Kentucky

"Heather Staker provided training on blended learning implementation steps that we hadn't considered before. I have so many quality tools to apply, I hardly know where to start!"

Orem, Utah

"It's easy to see how this can and will work for our students. It's truly revolutionary but attainable at the same time."

San Antonio, Texas

"This is the best workshop I've ever been to."

San Antonio, Texas

"Extremely well-designed and implemented course that made understanding easy, even for the uninitiated."

Madison, Wisconsin

"This training really pushes teachers to rethink the traditional model of education."

Madison, Wisconsin

"I was so thrilled that I would be learning how to facilitate blended learning in a blended environment! I have experienced too many P.D. opportunities from educators who don't employ the very skills that we use to teach our students. Kudos to Heather and her team."

Madison, Wisconsin

Join the worldwide community of Ready to Blend facilitators

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