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You're Invited to a Self-Renewal Retreat for Blended Learning

Save the Date! March 28-30, 2023

Austin, Texas

You are likely working to spruce up instruction post-COVID to respond to all the changes you've seen, including more schools using an LMS, more teachers posting content in an LMS, more family viewing of digital gradebooks, more devices in backpacks and back pockets, and more parent concern about, well, all of the above! It's hard work and can feel ambiguous and uncertain at times. That's why I'd like to invite you to a special retreat for school leaders and instructional coaches to help you lead the way. I've researched, written about, and genuinely obsessed about blended learning for 15 years . . . and I can help you! Dates: Dinner on March 28th thru 11:30 a.m. on March 30th, 2023 Location: Austin, Texas (AUS airport) Pricing: Download this brochure

During the retreat, you'll learn how to facilitate two workshops for your staff to accelerate their expertise in the latest blended-learning practices and self-renew the teaching profession. You can lead these workshops as full PD days, or break them up into mini-sessions to use doing staff meetings or virtual PD sessions. I'll give you the digital course materials, faciltiator handbooks, slides, and scripts to reduce your workload and serve you the latest research. After attending one of my retreats, an instructional coach in Little Rock, Arkansas wrote: "By far, one of the best professional development programs I've ever learned to lead. The different models of learning are a wonderful way to ensure participant engagement." A school leader in Madison, Wisconsin said: "If we are serious about transforming education to truly empower learners, we need a common language and platform to build. Ready to Blend's workshops provide this for teams." A lead teacher from San Jose, California wrote: "I have been implementing blended learning at our school already, but your training helped me take things to a higher level. I loved it. WELL DONE AND THANK YOU." You can expect measurable results in your schools as you use the modules in these workshops. Three signficant results include:

  1. Improved teacher-student relationships, with teachers knowing how to free up their time to coach each student individually

  2. Improved peer-to-peer collaboration, with students working together in positive ways to self-direct their learning, whether in-person or remotely

  3. Increase in students experiencing daily progress toward goals, without as much time feeling bored, stuck, or frustrated

For school leaders who believe that those three outcomes lead to happier, higher-performing classrooms, this innovative PD is for you. Please email me if you would like to attend or send a small delegation on your behalf. Or, you can set up a Zoom with me to ask questions about the program. My mission is to help you become the school leader of your dreams by using blended learning to improve the student experience. I hope you will give me the privilege of helping you. Yours truly, Heather Heather Clayton Staker Your Most Devoted Blended-Learning Coach Ready to Blend, a mission-driven consultancy


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