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What blended learning looks like

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

Expect to see less whole-class, teacher-led instruction and a greater mix of learning modalities in a blended classroom or school. Blended learning varies from one school to the next, but every blended program has a few things in common.


What Blended Learning Looks Like in Practice.pdf

Colorful school staircase

Most of the ideas in the free PDF, which you can download by clicking on the above link, are from a book I coauthored with Michael B. Horn entitled Blended: Using Disruptive Innovation to Improve Schools (San Francisco: Wiley, 2015), published with the support and thought leadership of the Clayton Christensen Institute.

The PDF includes eight topics:

  1. Is your program truly blended learning?

  2. The four main blended-learning models--and their many combinations

  3. Examples of Rotation models

  4. Examples of Flex models

  5. Examples of A La Carte models

  6. Examples of Enriched Virtual models

  7. What blended learning looks like for adult learners

  8. Which model is best?

I hope the PDF will help you envision how blend learning looks on the ground and imagine the changes you could make in your own schools to improve teaching and learning.

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