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What are 5th graders doing differently in Singapore?

Singapore's Ministry of Education plans to use blended practices for the long term to reach its vision of developing students who are self-directed and prepared for a different world from the world in which you and I grew up.

When I began working with Fairfield Methodist School (Primary) in Singapore last year, I expected to teach them about Flex models, Blended Learning Arcs, how to use the Jobs-to-Be-Done Theory, and so on. What I found, however, and I say this with humility, is that the exceptional teachers at this school had more to teach me.

Read about these 5th-grade teachers in the new case study: Fairfield Methodist School (Primary) leads the way with blended learning in Singapore.

I'm interested in the cooperative way countries are working together right now in defense of true and good principles. That same spirit can carry into school innovation, as we learn from each other across international lines. Adults as a whole, regardless of nationality or other identity, have a responsibility to love, protect, and nurture all children to the best of our abilities—that's a core belief, which I bet we share.

Hope you enjoy learning from these Singapore teacher-innovators as I did.


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