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This is why blended learning will spread

Today I'm posting a podcast that I recorded with Janet Perry, host of the nonfiction4life series. Janet asked tough and important questions about whether blended learning will spread and what we need to do collectively to guide this punctuated moment in education.

Click here to listen to the podcast

Total time: 37 minutes

Six questions she asked that I found particularly interesting include:

- Is online learning just a fad for schools?

- How do we manage the risks associated with screen time?

- In what circumstances is blended learning successful?

- What is the opportunity for teachers?

- What are the easiest ways to get started?

- How should parents think about guiding their children's device use?

I'm curious to hear your thoughts about our discussion. Do you agree that online learning is enabling disruptive innovation? What do you think teaching and learning will look like in 30 years? Scroll to the bottom of this blog page if you'd like to leave a comment.

The design constraints of the past are falling away. Schools have countless new possibilities for how to imagine the student experience. If you want to leave a legacy, look no further than the modern school system as a ripe place to find your calling. We need thousands more leaders to do the work well.


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