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15. Moving beyond "Tech Integration," with guest Lisa Adams

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Think of a time when you loved what you saw happening at a school. Perhaps the students were engaging deeply in a chemistry project, creating beautiful art, or self-directing a Socratic discussion.

In our book Blended, Michael Horn and I identified several meta-experiences that can help students want to show up and engage at school, experiences like setting their own learning goals, having access to feedback, having meaningful work experiences, and meeting with a great mentor.

Transforming from a traditional classroom to one where such experiences take center stage can feel overwhelming. So I'm passing along a tool to help.

The tool is the Teacher Learning Progression. It's a two-page PDF that you can use on your own, in staff meetings, or with your PLC. Download the high-resolution version here.

The instructions on the first page explain how to use the tool. You begin by choosing one key element of the student experience that you want to transform. Then the tool asks you to name a few exemplars—other teachers or schools that you consider to be world-class in how they weave that element into the student experience. Finally, the tool asks you to map out what the element looks like when you first begin, as you advance, and as you reach mastery in implementation.

You can hear how Lisa Adams, assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction at Temple ISD in Texas, uses Teacher Learning Progressions in her district by subscribing to the Ready to Blend podcast and selecting Episode 15: "Moving Beyond Tech Integration, with guest Lisa Adams."

The Teacher Learning Progression doc is your free "Tuesday Share" delivery for this week to help share and spread the best ideas for transforming from our factory classroom model to a student-centered, learner-driven upgrade. I have a new design team producing these free Tuesday Share resources for you this year, so I hope you will use and enjoy them!

Please leave a comment if this PDF is helpful to you. Also, if you have ideas you'd like to make available to improve schools through the Tuesday Share program, send them our way. The shift to a new paradigm for schools is gaining momentum!


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