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Short Film: "Reflections"

Patience Nyanway is an aspiring college students in Austin, Texas whom I’ve known for several years. Her family immigrated to the United States from Africa as political refugees when she was a toddler. I admire her ability to befriend a diverse group of people, young and old, and talk candidly with them, a skill you’ll see in the short film she created.

A few weeks ago Patience used her phone to interview children and parents in her neighborhood. She wanted to give them a voice so that they could share their reflections and feelings about this past school year, an unusual one for its widescale cancellation of in-person schooling.

Presenting, "Student and Parent Reflections from this School Year."

The reason I like Patience's video is that I've found that the most important part of designing any solution is understanding the motivations of the people who will use it. As educators and government leaders seek to design schooling solutions for the 2021-22 school year and beyond, the voices of people like those who speak in this film should be at the forefront.


7 minutes

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Ending the season

I will be taking time off this summer to soak it up with my children while they are on summer break. I look forward to returning to a new season of classes later this summer. Until then, I hope you have a healthy, restful, and replenishing June and July!

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Fairy Alex
Fairy Alex
15 sept. 2022

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