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Ready to Blend celebrates launch of ProGames for Educators

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Austin, Texas, April 2, 2019: Today, Ready to Blend LLC, a professional development firm that helps educators transform their schools to create the best-educated generation of children the world has ever known, announced the first season of ProGames. ProGames are professional learning games that help educators implement a student-centered learning priority in their school as they earn points, cash prizes, and a BloomBoard micro-credential. Tickets for the first game, The Diary of Jane Austen, which begins April 29th, are on sale now at

"Teachers want their classrooms to be student centered, but it's hard to find time or know where to begin," said Heather Clayton Staker, founding president of Ready to Blend. "But we've turned professional learning into a game. If it's possible to have fun while shifting your practice to engage more learners, let's do it that way!"

Discount Code

Use the discount code ProGamesArrived for $20 off an individual ticket to The Diary of Jane Austen (begins April 29th) or Escape from the Smithsonian, Summer Edition (begins June 24th) at Expires 4/17/2019.

Each ProGame is four weeks and features a different escape room. Participants choose from a menu of BloomBoard micro-credentials that help them demonstrate mastery of a skill related to student-centered learning. Each week participants complete part of the micro-credential, share their best work, give points to each other for great shares, and search for clues to solve the escape room. They redeem their points for cash. ProGames are run on the Brain Chase platform.

To celebrate the new game, Ready to Blend, BloomBoard, and Brain Chase hid $20 bills at the Hyatt Regency Austin Hotel today, where attendees at the inaugural Digital Learning Annual Conference are gathered. Conference attendees earned clues to the treasure during a session about the gamification of learning.

Staker remarked, "Let's make learning irresistible, not only for children, but for their teachers and school leaders, too."

For more information, visit and find Ready to Blend on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

About Ready to Blend

Heather Clayton Staker, co-author of the Amazon bestseller Blended: Using Disruptive Innovation to Improve Schools, founded Ready to Blend in 2015 to bring educators imaginative professional growth experiences that help them improve the achievement and well-being of children through student-centered learning. Ready to Blend has certified more than 150 educators to lead blended-learning training for their schools. Staker is the principle author of the micro-credentials for ProGames. For more information, visit

About BloomBoard

Founded in 2010, BloomBoard is leading the shift from professional development to educator advancement via micro-certification. The company partners with states and districts to enable a unique online-learning experience where educators can improve their instructional practice and advance in their careers by earning micro-credentials. BloomBoard aims to help all organizations transition to meaningful, purpose-driven educator development and advancement based on measurable certification. For more information, visit

About Brain Chase Productions

Brain Chase began as a simple conversation between two parents, Allan and Heather Staker, who sought out to design a game to motivate their own children to get ahead academically over the summer. That led to the creation of a worldwide treasure hunt for $10,000, awarded to the first 1st-8th grade student who completed a playlist of academic challenges, earned clues, and guessed the treasure's location within a two-mile radius. Today, Brain Chase uses its gaming platform to serve up treasure hunts and escape rooms to both children and adults through a monthly subscription. For more information, visit


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