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2. Plan before You Purchase

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

This month I became a podcaster! My hope is to provide you with helpful content in a format that is easiest for you, whether you're driving, exercising, or doing dishes. The podcasts are directed to the Guardians of the Internet Generation—the teachers, school leaders, and parents who are raising youth in a society filled with technology. We’ve got to get this right—our future depends on it.

Apparently it takes up to two weeks for iTunes to list new podcasts in its library. So for now, you can find the first recordings on the new Podcast page at Ready to Blend.

Podcast Episode 2, "Plan before you purchase," describes Target Practice, a workshop session I delivered to help educators refine their SMART goals for blended learning. The principles of Target Practice apply to any educators or parents who are questioning whether they should procure laptops, tablets, and phones for children.

Here are the slides for Target Practice.

They'll make more sense if you view them along with listening to the podcast.

I hope the principles in Target Practice help you delineate a clear and compelling aim for technology before making any further investments.


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