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Tools of cooperation

Several people resonated with the last Tuesday Share about how getting buy-in can be tough. So, for this Tuesday Share, I'm following up with the second video in the set.

I hope it will be helpful to you as you articulate your own reasons for making changes at your schools.

Keep in mind that as you articulate your reasons, you start to form your vision, which is a key Tool of Cooperation, according to Professor Clayton Christensen. His graphic, Tools of Cooperation and Change, shows that a vision works well when people in the organization share broad consensus about what they want. Fortunately, such consensus is often the case at schools. Most educators agree about wanting the best life outcomes for each student. As a result, schools are places where a vision is an especially promising tool to secure buy-in.

Use this insight to your advantage by practicing the skill of sharing your reasons for innovation. You'll find that this skill will unlock cooperation among colleagues who want the same positive outcomes for students as you do.



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