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Helping Children Feel Safe to Share

In this online class, I teach you three ways to build bridges that help learners connect across any divide they might be experiencing so that they feel safe enough to speak up and express themselves.

You’ll learn to use digital tools to give learners a bridge into conversations where they might initially feel foreign or shy. You’ll discover how transparent norms can serve as a bridge to encourage sharing and participation. And you’ll explore how to tie your group discussions to individual student interests so that learners have an entry point into the group.

No one should go through the day unnoticed. Children and teenagers have ideas that can change the world. Learn how to bring everyone into the conversation.

Featured in This Class

Apply Your Learning

Make a copy of the Survey of Safety in Sharing. Use it to diagnose how well you’re playing games, creating norms, giving opportunities for people to express themselves digitally, and tying discussions to participants’ interests.

Podcast Version of This Class

To listen to this class, subscribe to the Ready to Blend podcast. Go to Episode 29: Helping Children Feel Safe to Share.

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