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Hacks for Solving Social Belonging Gaps

This week's audio show, Episode 24: Hacks for Solving Social Belonging Gaps, is part of a special series to offer ways to close each of the gaps in Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs as we teach and care for children during the pandemic.

If you're feeling somewhat lonely and depressed, small wonder . . . the world is locked in social distancing, and humans brains are wired to suffer as a result.

We can’t fully solve for social isolation right now. But we can avoid pitfalls that make loneliness worse.

For families and teachers at home, some types of screen time will increase heartbreak and despair, whereas others increase social belonging. Recommendations:

* Stay away completely from the "U-N-H-A-P-P-Y" web.

* Go light on four other types of content.

* Consume abundantly the full Recommended Daily Allowance for a Balanced Digital Diet.

This PDF below illustrates the UNHAPPY principle and the Recommended Daily Allowance for a Balanced Digital Diet. You can download the high-resolution, printable file from my Google Drive here.

RDA graphic for a balanced digital diet

Some people have asked for just the component parts of the PDF above, so I'll post them here in case you'd like to download them. They're free for sharing, if you'd like!

Recommended Daily Allowance for a Balanced Digital Diet
How to Have a Balanced Digital Diet | Ready to Blend
List of unsafe and harmful digital media use
The UNHAPPY List for Digital Media | Ready to Blend

For teachers and schools, Episode 24 also addresses how to improve social belonging through remote communication with learners. We discuss:

* Use Zoom either to take center stage or for Socratic discussion.

* Use one-on-ones for check-ins, feedback, and building relationships.

* Now's a great time to experiment with peer coaching.

Featured on this show:

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs for Children

If you are enjoying the podcast and accompanying Tuesday Share resources, please leave a review on your podcast app to help others find this content, and because I just really appreciate the good vibes!

To find or post additional ideas for how to close gaps, please use the hashtag #MindTheGap on Twitter. I'm sharing and posting using that hashtag as well as I spot promising trends. You can follow me at @hstaker.

You have great power to lift up a child this week and help him or her feel belonging. It's the little connecting points and comments that make the difference.

Thanks for tuning in,



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