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Getting buy-in

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Getting buy-in is the HARDEST part of being an innovative educator.

I was surprised by that finding. Last year I surveyed hundreds of educators who are trying to innovate, and "getting buy-in" ranked #1 as the most-requested help topic.

So what can educators do to simplify the job of getting buy-in?

One helpful principle is to start with the "why." Great leaders inspire action by articulating why they believe in the change before they explain the "what" and "how."

For my first Tuesday Share, I'm linking you above to a new video that shows several educators sharing their personal whys for student-centered learning.

I hope it will inspire you to step back and reflect on your foundational beliefs that motivate you--and will motivate others around you.

Let's share our voices for improving schools by getting better at articulating our whys.



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