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Great teachers surpass computers

Computers can never replace a great teacher.

Everyone knows that in their hearts. But teachers need more encouragement to remember, even if their students are learning using software sometimes, that their personal contribution is indispensable.

One of my fears about touting blended learning is that people who hear me will think I'm encouraging them to cram more computers into students' already screen-filled lives. That conclusion is all wrong!

Blended learning must be used carefully, deliberately, and with precision to ensure that computers elevate the role of teachers, not try (in vain) to replace them.

The teacher's role is elevated when she has more time to give feedback to each student, one-on-one. The role is elevated when teachers build relationships of trust with each individual and become life-changing mentors. The role is elevated when software is used with precision to free up teachers' time so they can INCREASE the humanity in our digitally rich world.

The video above showcases several excellent educators as they talk about the power of teachers. Their message cannot be overstated. It's one of the most important ideas of our time as devices become increasingly pervasive.

A final thought, and that is to end with a reminder about the upcoming ProGames pilot, which begins April 29th. One reason I helped create ProGames is to help teachers elevate their role in the face of the growing presence of technology. Participants choose from several micro-credential options. Four of them relate specifically to elevating the role of teachers: (1) Giving Feedback to Students, (2) Giving Feedback to Staff, (3) Building Relationships of Trust with Students, and (4) Building Relationships of Trust with Staff. The basic ticket is $50 if you use the discount code I shared last week (expires this Wednesday, 4/17). We still have room for more participants in the pilot, which runs from April 29th-May 24th. ProGames will help you take teaching and learning to the next level. Come give it a test drive this month so you can decide if you want more during the 2019-20 school year!

Seven micro-credential options for the next ProGames


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