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16. Flexible Learning Environments with guest Michael Norton

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Haven't had the chance to tour a KIPP Texas classroom recently? The Flexible Learning Environments Diagram below can give you a glimpse. It shows my interpretation of how KIPP Texas is transforming its schools from traditional classrooms to flexible spaces that let teachers reach and engage each learner individually, without adding to their teaching burden.

Click here to download the printable version of the diagram.

You'll see in the "before" picture, students begin the 75-minute block with whole-group instruction, followed by individual practice. In the "after" scenario, students watched a Flipped video the night before, which unlocks several options for what they encounter in class the next day. Hear Michael Norton, manager of blended learning and academics at KIPP Texas, discuss flexible learning environments by subscribing to the Ready to Blend podcast and selecting Episode 16: Flexible Learning Environments, part 1 with Michael Norton. To sign up for me to deliver Tuesday Shares directly to your inbox every alternating Tuesday, please let me know your name and email address by entering them here.


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