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4 alternatives to streaming lessons

It's been a long season of unusual hardship for many teachers, students, and parents, along with unusual disruptive innovation that offers strands of hope.  If you're struggling to navigate this difficult terrain, I hope the following items will be of use to you:

  • Looking for alternatives to live Zoom instruction? Recently I presented on the topic: "4 Alternatives to Streaming Lessons that Take Away the Pain of Distance Learning." Blended-learning coach Cheryl McKnight and I offered recommendations for what you can do besides live videoconference lessons to reach and engage your students. You can watch the replay here.

  • Brief yourself on the latest predictions for the future of teacher PD. Thomas Arnett, Allison Powell, and I authored the new report for the Clayton Christensen Institute: Developing a student-centered workforce through micro-credentials. If you're curious how teachers can possibly learn the new skills they'll need to survive this year and beyond, this report offers several ideas to spur your thinking.

  • What does a real superintendent think about my blended learning ideas? Listen to this Smart Thinking Podcast episode 161, in which acting superintendent Ted Neitzke of Wisconsin asks me about what's actually possible for teachers in the face of remote and blended instruction and how system leaders can realistically equip their staff with blended-learning skills for the long haul.

  • Wondering how to move forward? In the Christensen Institute blog, During commotion, finding a way forward with teacher PD, I share suggestions for how to navigate toward a reasonable strategy for supporting teachers in the months ahead.

  • For a few talking points you can use with your stakeholders, this quick interview with The Hill TV offers my thoughts on how to articulate positive messaging about schooling and our ability to face today's challenges.

I hope the resources above, gathered from the work and innovations of thousands of amazingly insightful and resilient teachers, will offer you part of the map to guide your own journey. Yours truly, Heather


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