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22. Hacks for Solving Physiological Gaps

This audio show is part of a special series to offer ways to close each of the gaps in Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs as we teach and care for children during the pandemic.

In Episode 22: Hacks for Solving Physiological Gaps, I talk about how school closures and lockdowns are causing major physiological gaps for some children in the form of food, exercise, and sleep shortages, while other children are benefiting physiologically. Caregivers and educators want to help solve for physiological gaps, but it's not always obvious how to do that.

This episode offers a few hacks, or scrappy efficient shortcuts, for governments, schools, and families who are contending with physiological gaps. 

We are more powerful than we think when it comes to meeting children's needs, as well as meeting our own needs. But it will require using existing resources in new and creative ways.

What you will discover:

* Why movable outdoor gear is better than play structures

* The value of acorns, pebbles, and boulders

* How to repurpose school buses and cafeterias

* Simple, low-cost meals hacks

* Why nature trails should be broadly reopened

* The value of device & screen curfews

Link to the Ready to Blend podcast on iTunes/Apple

Link to the Ready to Blend podcast on Google Podcasts

To find or post additional ideas for how to close gaps, please use the hashtag #MindTheGap on Twitter. I'm sharing and posting using that hashtag as well as I spot promising trends. You can follow me at @hstaker.


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