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20. As Schools Cancel, #MindTheGap

Schools throughout the world are closing because of COVID-19. Millions of schools are rushing to post their lessons and assignments online. I talk about this in podcast episode 20 this week.

But there's a better way to go about it. Abraham Maslow's famous "Hierarchy of Needs" points to the way.

Schools, are you prioritizing school lunch delivery to children in need before online learning?

Teachers, are you placing social connection and belonging before online achievement?

Cities and states, are you celebrating schools that are closing gaps?

Schools are rushing to build the online-learning train. But there's too big a gap for most kids between where they're standing and the entrance to the train. They're going to fall. How can we #MindTheGap? Let's start as the bottom of Maslow's Hierarchy and then move up.

Maslow said that people are motivated to meet their physiological needs (food, shelter, exercise, shelter) first, before they can attend to higher needs. Then they want safety (personal, emotional, financial). Then comes belonging (family, friends, connection). Only after these basic and psychological needs are met can people concern themselves with achievement and goal setting.

Will you join us in a #MindTheGap campaign to give shout-outs to communities that are finding solutions to gaps? Let's call out the helpers who have fresh ideas for how to close the gaps. We'll list solutions at

Please Tweet solutions you discover with hashtag #MindTheGap as well as the Maslow level you're solving for:

#gap1 is for solutions to Physiological gaps

#gap2 is for solutions to Safety gaps

#gap3 is for solutions to Social Belonging gaps

#gap4 is for solutions to Esteem gaps

#gap5 is for solutions to Self-actualization gaps.

The great news is that there are pockets of innovation where some amazing solutions are springing up. Let's make more!

Click here for a printable version of this PDF:

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