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19. Hurricanes and Other Hurdles

The Pathway Time Diagram below shows how to implement a flexible, customized block of time during class, similar to the structure that Principal Roy Moore uses at Nottingham Elementary. Hear how he runs Pathway Time in Ready to Blend Podcast Episode 19.

Click here for the high-res printable file.

Great leaders help their organizations adjust. That's true for big events that require big adjustments, as well as for lesser events that still benefit from flexibility.

Episode 19 features Roy Moore, principal of Notthingham Elementary in Texas. He adapted with ninja-like agility to succor his community in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. And his staff are learning to do the same thing in their learning design.

Principal Moore goes into detail about Pathway Time, a 40-minute block set aside a few times per week for learners to get individual support based on their immediate academic needs.

One secret to getting Pathway Time right is nurturing mindsets. Not only do learners need to develop a mindset of "I set my own goals," but staff need mindsets like "I view ALL of the students in this school as MY students" and "I am powerful to overcome unexpected challenges."

As mindsets develop, the community is ready for the next step: setting goals and developing a routine of frequent one-on-one check-ins with mentors.

During Pathway Time itself, all hands are on deck to meet with students, provide coaching and support, and ensure positive, productive work spaces for individual progress.

After that, learners reflect on their results and set new goals and plans for their next Pathway Time opportunity.

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