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1 Attend a facilitator certification session in Austin, TX

2 Show you are ready to facilitate Blended Learning Live!, a 2-day workshop that includes 1 week of light pre-work and 9 weeks of follow up activities to apply the learning

3 Return home and facilitate Blended Learning Live! for your colleagues

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Over 400 people have rated our workshops,
giving them an average overall rating of 4.85 out of 5!
  • This is an excellent entry to blended learning, highlighting all the critical pieces to consider, and giving participants an opportunity to apply learning immediately. — Nashville, TN
  • Great platform for student-centered learning. — Nashville, TN
  • Heather's passion for finding ways to help teachers be more effective in the classroom is refreshing. I came away with specific strategies I can use in my classroom to be better at fostering a positive learning culture and developing relationships with my students that will in the end increase student learning. — Nashville, TN
  • Teachers see the value in student-centered learning, but Ready to Blend can help you get the know-how. — Nashville, TN
  • I was doing some follow-up work yesterday with our first group to go through Blended Learning Live!. They are an alternative high school in their district and looking to make some huge changes. They all could not say enough good things about how BLL set them up to head down the path they're on. They're making some big changes, but are really focused on their student needs and even using pieces of their "Day in the Life" project to help share their vision with students, parents and board members. Your program is helping us make change with the teams we have worked with and we are extremely grateful for that! — Alpena, MI
  • The content I engaged with inspired me to reflect on my practices and ensure that I am providing high-quality learning opportunities and agency in the classroom for my students. — Madison, WI
  • Extremely well designed and implemented course that made understanding easy--even for the uninitiated. — Madison, WI
  • This training really pushes teachers to rethink the traditional model of education and encourages creativity! — Madison, WI
  • Blended Learning Live helped me learn about and experience blended models in action. It allowed me to explore possibilities and be able to collaborate with other learning leaders to create ideas for what is possible in lifting the level of learning and engagement for our students! — Madison, WI
  • The Blended Learning Live! training is essential for any school or district looking to implement a blended learning program. — Madison, WI
  • I was so thrilled that I would be learning how to facilitate blended learning in a blended environment! I have experienced too many PD opportunities from educators that don't employ the very skills that we use to teach and train our students. Kudos to Heather and her team! — Madison, WI
  • The Ready to Blend website is extremely well organized in the learning management system Buzz. — Madison, WI
  • Blended Learning Live provided the definitions and deep knowledge base to begin transforming our systems. — Madison, WI
  • I am fascinated with this type of learning. I want to incorporate all of these teaching strategies into my weekly lessons. I feel like the students will do well over time. I can start small and grow with this way of teaching. — Liitle Rock, AR
  • It was a very engaging workshop that builds a strong team to complete a relevant goal for a school district. — Liitle Rock, AR
  • This experience is a great opportunity to learn about different models of learning and experience when those experiences work best for learners. Also, great time to work with others and begin to create a sustainable plan for change. — Liitle Rock, AR
  • This is by far the best and most effective conference I've had the chance of attending. The different models of learning where a wonderful way to ensure participant engagement and made for a great model to take back and effectively use in the classroom setting. — Liitle Rock, AR
  • Teaching today's teens is very different from when I first started teaching. It is getting harder to reach certain groups to get the material taught. I honestly feel that there is a better way to teach my content. My interest in using blended learning in my classroom began after attending a few PD workshops through the years. After attending the Blended Learning Live! event, I know that I want to transform my classroom — Liitle Rock, AR
  • Blended Learning Live! is the perfect blend of activities, discussion and F2F. Highly recommend for anyone thinking about implemented blended learning in his/her classroom or school district. — Liitle Rock, AR
  • Modeling the methods/strategies of Blended Learning is critical to getting this message out to teachers. Doing it is the best way to explain HOW to do it! — Liitle Rock, AR
  • Loved this Workshop! Best one I have attended in a long time. — Liitle Rock, AR
  • Blended Learning Live is full of engaging and informative information. Not your average Professional Development. — Liitle Rock, AR
  • I was skeptical about Blended Learning for our school. I thought it was for schools with high socio-economic backgrounds especially at the elementary level. Afterward...I can't wait to implement aspects into my own classroom and serve as a drive for change in others. — Liitle Rock, AR
  • By far, one of the BEST Professional Development I've ever attended! — Liitle Rock, AR
  • This was not just a workshop, it was just as it said, LIVE! We lived what we are trying to incorporate, which gave us a mirror image of what to expect — Liitle Rock, AR
  • This was an absolutely wonderful hands-on, experiential workshop! I would love to be able to provide this experience for our staff! — Liitle Rock, AR
  • Before coming to the Blended Learning Live workshop, I had some knowledge of Blended Learning and the models,but everything that I was missing was presented to me during this Blended Learning Live workshop. I am walking away with a wealth of knowledge and feel excited on taking this back with my team and implementing our plan at our school. This has been the BEST workshop, hands down that I have been involved thus far!!! — Liitle Rock, AR
  • This was a great workshop that put theory in action! I learned so much! — Liitle Rock, AR
  • I am fascinated with this type of learning. I want to incorporate all of these teaching strategies into my weekly lessons. I feel like the students will do well over time. I can start small and grow with this way of teaching. — Little Rock, AR
  • This training succinctly captured the steps needed to confidently facilitate Blended Learning Live. The training was designed for the user and ran both efficiently and effectively. — Madison, WI
  • Not only did I learn about different Blended models, when to use them and who to include in decision making process, I was able to see a master presenter practice her craft. Heather is a wonderful role model as to what professional development and best practices in teaching should be in today's schools. — Madison, WI
  • If we are serious about transforming education to truly empower learners, we need a common language and platform to build on. Blended learning live provides this for teams. — Madison, WI
  • Blended Learning Live! puts us in the "skins" of our students (as Heather describes) to begin to solve a problem and develop an action plan that can be disruptive and eventually sustainable to make a difference for student learning. — Madison, WI
  • This training has been transformational in providing a clear vision and path to make learning personalized for every student. — Madison, WI
  • I am so ready to transform my classroom!! I will definitely use all of my new inherited knowledge to benefit my students! — Crestwood, KY
  • I am fired up and excited about teaching my teachers about the benefits of blended learning and how implementation will support student learning and teacher sustainability. — Crestwood, KY
  • Shifts the way teachers are thinking about instruction and delivery. — Crestwood, KY
  • Blended Learning with Heather Staker was an engaging opportunity to experience best practices in blended learning firsthand! These experiences helped me develop a greater understanding of the models themselves and when they are most appropriately used. — Crestwood, KY
  • If you care about every student in general, care about where students need to be, where they want to be, and how they can get there, this is a great beginning. Bring a team and start your work to change education in a manner that will not go out of style. — Crestwood, KY
  • This has been a great experience. Very different from traditional PD; loved it. Very engaged. — Crestwood, KY
  • It was great seeing you present the sessions while using blended learning yourselves. It was not a typical "lecture." — San Jose, CA
  • Thank you for providing multiple modalities of learning. — San Jose, CA
  • I enjoyed rotating through the stations. It was a great, hands-on experience that really allowed me to see how Station Rotations can work at my school site. — San Jose, CA
  • I think it is great to see a Station Rotation model that helps bring what we learned to life. — San Jose, CA
  • I have been implementing blended learning at our school already, but your session helped me take things to a higher level. I loved it and hope to participate again. WELL DONE AND THANK YOU! — San Jose, CA
  • The blended workshop was the most beneficial use of time and engaging user experience. Participants were constantly collaborating, maintaining focus on the material, and were learning in different modalities. It was modeling at its best, from the role of the teacher to the use of space, and at the same time providing a comprehensive overview of blended-learning components. — Orem, UT
  • The format was sooo much better than traditional conferences where you just sit and listen. I also really loved that the entire day had a narrative structure and flow that fit together. Very practical, hands-on stuff after the theory/high-level yesterday. This is a phenomenal experience that should be packaged and run on a regular basis for those launching or planning to launch blended experiences. Brilliant to run a blended workshop to teach about blended learning - so good! — Orem, UT
  • Experience blended as you learn blended. Great way to connect learning with application. — Orem, UT
  • Heather Staker provided training on blended learning implementation steps that we hadn't considered before. I have so many quality tools to apply, I hardly know where to start! — Orem, UT
  • Heather does an exceptional job at walking through critical steps any organization should consider as they work to improve their workflow, focus of their programming, team selection, and evaluation of their programs. — Orem, UT
  • The way the workshop was presented and the strict schedule made for very productive and engaging days. — Austin, TX
  • I appreciate the facilitator’s passion to be change agents in education. I really enjoyed the feedback that was given at the beginning of Day 2 and the real life examples of how blended learning has impacted schools. — Austin, TX
  • I absolutely loved the mix of learning modalities. It was the perfect mix of team collaboration, independent learning, group sharing, and hearing from experts. — Austin, TX
  • Our district is in the design stages of using a blended-learning model and the workshop has provided an enormous increase in our capacity. — Austin, TX
  • The process of blended learning was modeled consistently throughout both days. I am able to retain much more of the information due to this fact. — San Antonio, TX
  • Visual examples, transitions to various tables working with different schools, their motivation is contagious. — San Antonio, TX
  • The feedback we received during our team work-sessions was invaluable. This coaching time enabled us to work through questions while we started to create a plan utilizing all of the new information received. — San Antonio, TX
  • Walking the walk. It's easy to see how this can and will work for our students. It's truly revolutionary but attainable at the same time. — San Antonio, TX
  • Modeling and engaging us in blended learning activities was incredibly helpful! Having read most of theBlendedbook prior to the workshop, I was able to reflect on my thoughts, emotions, and engagement while working on these activities. Being able to experience blended learning as a learner (with the advantage of knowing about being a practitioner) was incredibly valuable to me. — San Antonio, TX
  • Love the culture developed during workshop and how we can take that back as a model for our school and district. — San Antonio, TX
  • Modeling blended learning throughout the 2 days so we aren't only learning about blended learning, but we are experiencing what the kids and teachers will be experiencing. — San Antonio, TX
  • I love the integration of a blended-learning model into the workshop--Station Rotation. The transition strategies and expectations were very simple, yet powerful. I also appreciate the monitoring that our group facilitator did. — San Antonio, TX
  • This is the best workshop I've ever been to. — San Antonio, TX
  • Since I'm not a school-team member (I'm a TA provider), I found this incredibly helpful for understanding the spectrum of blended possibilities and having a framework for how to bucket/group/talk about blended initiatives. — San Antonio, TX
  • Keep modeling the blended-learning components by allowing choices of topics to explore, modality of learning and space with movement. Keep sharing the stories from the leaders, teachers, and innovators who are in the process of implementation at different stages. Keep allowing teams the time to process, plan, and discuss. — San Antonio, TX
  • Keep the passion. I was excited to learn because the facilitators were so excited about the subject. — San Antonio, TX
  • The Buzz platform was user friendly and I'm excited to be able to go back and reference it. I'm not lugging home another big binder to add to my pile. — San Antonio, TX
  • Love the balance of modalities and ways of learning and engagement of the speakers. Very smart, engaging, organized, and talented facilitators. Some of the better PD that I have been to. Really appreciated it. Exceeded my expectations. — San Antonio, TX
  • I love that you are immersing learners in a blended environment. This MUST continue. — San Antonio, TX
  • I like the continual change of pace and the options we had to manage our own learning. — South Padre Island, TX
  • Quality of presenters and facilitators is very good. I trusted their experience and advice. I also appreciated the format of the days. The use of whole group, small group, and choice added to the experience. — South Padre Island, TX
  • The incorporation of teachers and administrators that have actually been involved in the blended learning transition process was powerful. They were able to provide relevant insight. I also felt like the use of small groups and differentiated models of presenting information kept the level of engagement high. — South Padre Island, TX
  • Thank you for being real... for your expertise and live examples. — South Padre Island, TX
  • The learning I did prior to the training really helped me be ready to understand and be up to speed on the large amount of learning that took place in these two days. — South Padre Island, TX
  • Thank you for designing an amazing workshop that WILL change the way we do the day to day operations! I really cannot thank you and your team enough!! — South Padre Island, TX
  • I appreciated the depth and breadth of the conversation and feel as though we touched on a variety of topics and avenues for success--from "nuts and bolts" implementation to culture. It is rare that conferences/workshops take a holistic approach to program/professional development. It was refreshing. — South Padre Island, TX
  • The pace and information are impressive. Never have I been to a workshop that engaged the audience for MULTIPLE hours. — South Padre Island, TX
  • This workshop has been so outstanding, I don't want to stop learning! — South Padre Island, TX
  • We are not looking back; blending learning is definitely a part of our district. — South Padre Island, TX
  • We are committed to creating globally competitive students and meeting the needs of all our learners. We believe that the way to meet these goals is through blended learning. — South Padre Island, TX
  • Our kids deserve the best real world education we can provide to them. That doesn't mean shiny devices or fabulous platforms or song & dance lessons. What it means is changing how we think about learning and creating a safe place where each child can learn at their pace. That is free. — South Padre Island, TX
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