Honor Code

  1. I will use Ready to Blend materials only in accordance with the Terms of Service.
  2. I will use Ready to Blend materials only for my personal, non-commercial purposes.
  3. I will not reproduce, distribute, modify, translate, adapt or create derivative works based upon the Ready to Blend materials without the express written permission of Ready to Blend.
  4. I will not share copies of Ready to Blend materials with others or post copies on a website for others to access.
  5. I will not misrepresent my relationship with Ready to Blend. If I am a Facilitator, I will only represent to others that I am a certified Ready to Blend Facilitator so long as I have completed and continue to fulfill the requirements for certification established by Ready to Blend.
  6. I will complete all quizzes and assignments on my own, unless collaboration is expressly permitted.
  7. I will not share or post answers to quizzes or assignments.
  8. I will not engage in any conduct lacking integrity, including any conduct that would improve my results or improve or harm the results of others through dishonesty or deception.