Is your community confused about whether it's time to update the traditional classroom?

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The power of Heather's workshops is that she immerses adult learners into student-centered environments so that they can feel for themselves what it's like to drive their own learning and have agency.


Adults who experience the difference never want to return to the old way again.

​Heather works with her clients to customize live events to participants' needs. In each workshop, participants have the opportunity to:

  • Learn how to harness disruptive innovation as a unique and paradigm-shifting force that will transform the traditional K-12 classroom.

  • Understand the models of online and blended learning and how to use them to tailor the learning design to individual student circumstances.

  • Use theories of innovation to create learning experiences that engage children based on their intrinsic motivations.

  • Implement new strategies that strengthen human relationships and amplify the role of the teacher, rather than replace the teacher with computers.

  • Empower teachers to create happier, higher performing learning environments in a set of practical moves they can implement in the next three days.


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Helping you create inspiring learning environments at school and home that improve the achievement and well-being of children.



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