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Next school year:

The 4-Week

Earn points, cash prizes, and a BloomBoard micro-credential as you implement one student-centered learning priority in your school.


Be the first player to find a treasure buried somewhere on Earth. Get points for great work, redeemable for cash. Most importantly, earn a BloomBoard micro-credential that proves you made your school more student-centered.


What Are BloomBoard 


Micro-credentials are a form of micro-certification earned by proving competence in one specific skill at a time, via a portfolio of evidence, created through classroom practice. Individual micro-credentials also form the basis for a cohesive system of skills that enable educators to grow and advance throughout their careers.

BloomBoard has created a comprehensive system of educator competencies (micro-credentials) based on widely accepted instructional standards such as InTASC and PSEL. Micro-credentialing is a scalable approach to improving instructional practice across schools and districts.

During each ProGame, a BloomBoard expert will review your work and certify that you have completed the micro-credential.


Choose from 7 Foundational Micro-Credentials

Communicating the WHY of Student-Centered Learning

Nurturing Agency

Modeling a Growth Mindset

Giving Feedback to Students

Giving Feedback
to Staff

Building Relationships
of Trust with Students

Building Relationships
of Trust with Staff


Let's Plan

your Organization's Professional Growth