November 12-13, 2019

Blended Learning Facilitator Certification

Become a Ready to Blend Facilitator!

Certify To Facilitate Workshops

Blended Learning Live! Workshop

A 2-day immersive experience based on the book Blended: Using Disruptive Innovation to Improve Schools. Your staff will leave with:

  • First-hand experience with Flipped Classroom, Station Rotation, Individual Rotation, Flex, Socratic discussion, project-based learning, plus four other models

  • Personal understanding of how student-driven learning feels

  • Their own strategic plan for blended learning at their site

Teacher Boost Workshop

A 1-day introductory workshop for busy classroom teachers to fast-track their blended learning preparation. Participants leave with:

  • First-hand experience with four blended-learning models

  • Personal understanding of how student-driven learning feels

  • Their own blended lesson plan or unit plan


How It Works


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Register for the next Facilitator Certification Session, Nov. 12-13, 2019. Opening dinner begins at 6 p.m. on Nov. 11th.



Attend the Facilitator Certification Session
to learn, rehearse,
and certify. Heather will coach you individually to ensure you're ready.



Return home and
facilitate "Blended Learning Live!" and "Teacher Boost" for
your teachers
and leaders.


What People Say

Coach in Little Rock, Arkansas

By far, one of the best professional development sessions I've ever attended. The different models of learning are a wonderful way to ensure participant engagement.

Leader in Madison, Wisconsin

If we are serious about transforming education to truly empower learners, we need a common language and platform to build. Blended Learning Live! provides this for teams.

Teacher in San Jose, California

I have been implementing blended learning at our school already, but your session helped me take things to a higher level. I loved it.


Welcome Video

Watch the video that facilitators have the option of showing their staff at the beginning of a Blended Learning Live! or Teacher Boost workshop. It gives a feel for the experience.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you certify facilitators?

Many schools want their own in-house expertise, rather than having to fly in expensive outside trainers. Ready to Blend's Facilitator Certification program equips you to conduct your own PD in blended learning. You'll leave with online modules, agenda, materials, slides, and scripts to lead your own blended learning PD to your teachers and leaders.

Who should attend?

Each organization should make its own choice about whom to send for certification. Successful facilitators are good at:

  1. Preparing and organizing

  2. Following directions

  3. Using technology

  4. Fostering curiosity and excitement

  5. Ushering a crowd

  6. Talking less

  7. Taking and using feedback

  8. Upholding the Honor Code

How much does it cost?

You can choose from four packages. Select the package that gives you enough licenses to facilitate Blended Learning Live and Teacher Boost for your staff. We'll reserve your spot at Facilitator Certification as soon as we receive a Purchase Order or check from you for the package of your choice. Click here to download a brochure that summarizes package prices.

How long do certifications and licenses last?

Your certification lasts for four years. Your participants' licenses to use the online content last for 12 weeks. You activate their licenses before their workshop and then they have several weeks after the workshop to look back on the content.

How hard is it to certify?

Certification is fun! We are a supportive, growth-mindset group and you will be successful. One of the biggest benefits of certification is you get to join our network of 150+ other facilitators worldwide. We have monthly Zoom video events and commit to supporting each other long term.


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