Foundations for Blended Learning

Meeting student needs today and tomorrow

In partnership with BloomBoard, Ready to Blend is pleased to support education leaders through the availability of a new Foundations for Blended Learning micro-endorsement and turnkey coaching solution to prepare teachers to meet the unique needs of their students today and tomorrow. 

Program Components

  • Embedded Blended Learning Coach

  • Exemplar Models, Practice Activities, and Instructional Resources

  • Competency-Based Learning via Micro-Credentialing

Foundations for Blended Learning Micro-Credentials

  • Assessing Individual Student Needs for Blended Learning

  • Building Relationships with Individual Students in a Blended Environment

  • Engaging Parents to Support Blended Learning

  • Designing a Weekly Blended Learning Arc

  • Onboarding Students to Blended Learning

  • Establishing Norms of Engagement for Blended Environments



Helping you create inspiring learning environments at school and home that improve the achievement and well-being of children.



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