Private, professional coaching for educators and families

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Areas of expertise

Personal Wellness for Educators and Caregivers

  • Practicing mindfulness

  • Managing emotion

  • Self-care

Home and Family

  • Strategies for low-stress homeschooling

  • How to reach out for help

  • How to homeschool while working

Cross-functional School Leadership

  • Thinking entrepreneurially

  • Crisis management

  • School budgeting during emergencies

  • Choosing the right team

  • School lunch delivery

  • Preventing child abuse and neglect

  • Setting up circles of support

  • Digital equity and access

  • Procuring, deploying & maintaining laptops

  • Choosing supplemental online software

  • Choosing fully online courses

Designing and Supporting Learning

  • Designing and teaching in Canvas, Buzz, Google Classroom, Schoology, or another learning management systems

  • Using videoconferencing tools

  • Enhancing community in the online classroom

  • Online student clubs

  • Online apprenticeships and internships

  • Online P.E.


Helping you create inspiring learning environments at school and home that improve the achievement and well-being of children.



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