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What you need to know about blended learning


Blended learning is the fusion of online learning and in-person school. Use it to:

  • Improve academic achievement
  • Give students agency and control
  • Free up teachers to help individuals
  • Eliminate wasteful screen time
  • Design motivating, joyful classrooms
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Blended Learning Live!

Blended Learning Live! is a 2-day immersive experience based on the book Blended: Using Disruptive Innovation to Improve Schools. Participants leave with:

  • First-hand experience with Flipped Classroom, Station Rotation, Individual Rotation, Flex, Socratic discussion, project-based learning, plus four other models
  • Personal understanding of how student-centered learning feels
  • Their own strategic plan for blended learning at their school

The best way to understand how to design a blended classroom is by experiencing one. Those who do never want to return to traditional instruction again.

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