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Photo of students with laptops doing blended learning

Modern teaching
made simpler

You can create the learning experiences you want your students to have.

We help you blend traditional and modern teaching to become the teacher of your dreams.

Modern innovations allow teachers to blend self-directed learning, teacher-led instruction, projects, nature, service, and countless other experiences together in ways previously unimaginable. As you design this new student experience,

. . . you will free up your time to support individuals and teams.

. . . you will have paths for struggling and advanced students.

. . . you will strike a healthy balance of screens and no screens.

. . . you will feel confident and empowered.

Innovation is hard when the path isn't clear.

Let's work together to make it simpler.

Three ways we can help you:

Photo of several educators standing together smiling

It's the moments together than change forever

Energizing, inspiring, and preparing you to use blended learning techniques to become the best teacher or leader you can be

Image of Blended Learning Micro-endorsement

Mastery-based credentials to show what you know

Micro-credential-based Master's Degree or Micro-endorsements in blended learning—in your classroom with your students

Heather Staker and an educator standing together with the book Blended

Curated library to advance your expertise

Books, case studies, the Ready to Blend podcast, and Ready to Blend YouTube classes to support discovery-driven planning

Photo of Heather Clayton Staker


I'm Heather Clayton Staker, founder of Ready to Blend. You want to be an engaging teacher with successful students. You work extraordinarily hard. You feel exhausted at times. My team and I are here for you. We'll show you how to be more successful without working any harder. You can become the teacher of your dreams.

School leader & teacher testimonials

"This is the best workshop I've ever been to." 

Educator in San Antonio, Texas

"I am so ready to transform my classroom!! I will definitely use all of my new inherited knowledge to benefit my students!" 

Educator in Crestwood, Kentucky

"I am fired up and excited about teaching my teachers the benefits of blended learning and how implementation will support student learning and teacher sustainability." 

Educator in Crestwood, Kentucky

"The format was sooo much better than traditional conferences where you just sit and listen. I also really loved that the entire day had a narrative structure and flow that fit together. Very practical, hands-on stuff. This is a phenomenal experience that should be packaged and run on a regular basis." 

Educator in Orem, Utah

"I absolutely loved the mix of learning modalities. It was the perfect mix of team collaboration, independent learning, group sharing, and hearing from experts." 

Educator in Austin, Texas

"Our district is in the design stages of using a blended-learning model and the workshop has provided an enormous increase in our capacity." 

Educator in Austin, Texas

"The feedback we received during our team work sessions was invaluable. This coaching time enabled us to work through questions while we started to create a plan utilizing all of the new information received." 

Educator in San Antonio, Texas

"Walking the walk. It's easy to see how this can and will work for our students. It's truly revolutionary but attainable at the same time." 

Educator in San Antonio, Texas

"This workshop has been so outstanding, I don't want to stop learning!" 

Educator in South Padre Island, Texas

"We are committed to creating globally competitive students and meeting the needs of all our learners. We believe that the way to meet these goals is through blended learning." 

Educator in South Padre Island, Texas

"This training really pushes teachers to rethink the traditional model of education and encourages creativity!" 

Educator in Madison, Wisconsin

"Extremely well-designed and implemented course that made understanding easy—even for the uninitiated." 

Educator in Madison, Wisconsin

"Never have I been to a workshop that engaged the audience for MULTIPLE hours." 

Educator in South Padre Island, Texas

"Thank you for being real . . . for your expertise and live examples." 

Educator in South Padre Island, Texas

"If you care about every student in general, care about where students need to be, where they want to be, and how they can get there, this is a great beginning. Bring a team and start your work to change education in a manner that will not go out of style." 

Educator in Crestwood, Kentucky

"I have been implementing blended learning at our school already, but your session helped me take things to a higher level. I loved it and hope to participate again. WELL DONE AND THANK YOU!" 

Educator in San Jose, California

Tell us how to reach you and we'll be in touch to support you.

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