Student-centered planning during COVID-19

Children have a hierarchy of needs. Solve for their basic needs first and then design the online experience.

#mind the gap

Lower your stress as you find student-centered solutions

You can create solutions for your school and home

Even if . . .

. . . your students are working from home.

. . . you don't know how to do schooling online.

. . . not everyone has devices or Internet.

. . . you feel overwhelmed or unsure.

Innovation is hard when the path isn't clear.

Let's work together to make it easier.


I'm Heather Clayton Staker, a learning coach and researcher who specializes in innovation in K-12 education. My team and I here to help you access the help you need for yourself and your students.

You Have Our Support

There are three ways we can help you:

#Mind the 


Sharing local solutions and ideas for responding to the challenges of school closures and COVID-19.

Help for remote or in-person

Six popular teacher tutorials on the essential skills for blended instruction this school year, with a dedicated coach.

Live Virtual Sessions

Engage Heather for a live online session to help your organization grow happier and higher performing.

The Ready to Blend Podcast

Using innovation to improve schools and homes will change the world for the better.


Every other Tuesday, Heather Clayton Staker shares insights and interviews about the most promising ideas in education.

This show is for the guardians of the Internet generation—the teachers, leaders, and parents who are raising youth in a society filled with new technologies.

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Tuesday Shares

Every other Tuesday, we publish a free tool to help you implement an idea from that week's podcast episode.

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